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Meet the Team



Flight Time


JULY 2019

How long have you been working

for Flybe and what attracted you

to your role?

I’ve been with Flybe now for almost

19 years. I started in 2000 on the Isle

of Man and then relocated to Exeter

in 2007. I’ve been here ever since. I’ve

always been attracted to being behind

the scenes of aircraft maintenance.

What does your day-to-day

job involve?

For each aircraft type there are

between 4,000 and 6,000 entries in

the Maintenance Program, detailing

maintenance tasks with set intervals

of when jobs are to be carried out.

They take into consideration flight

hours and flight cycles (landings and

taking off), detailed inspections, man-

hour requirements to carry out the

work – the list is exhaustive. I’m part

of a team of three, constantly updating

the Maintenance Programs and

ensuring continuous airworthiness

management. We are audited by the

CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for

internal compliance annually. It gets

very busy!

What do you enjoy most about

your job?

Being part of a team, and feeding into

other Technical Support departments.

What’s the most memorable thing

that’s happened to you at work?

I’d say it’s more about memorable

people. Our offices on the Isle of Man

were attached to the Airport Arrivals.

Many films are made by the IOM Film

Commission and filmed on the island.

Famous people passing through

included Madonna, Patrick Swayze,

Renée Zellweger, Burt Reynolds,

Maggie Smith, Ewan McGregor and

David Schwimmer. Jeremy Clarkson

lived there and he regularly turned

up with James May and Richard


What three words would your

friends use to describe you?

Imaginative, generous and gossipy!

What do you enjoy doing when

you’re not at work?

I’m weird, I like housework. I also

enjoy cooking, shopping and the


Where’s your favourite Flybe

destination and why?

Milan. When you have exhausted

the city, you can catch a train to the

Italian Lakes. Lake Maggiore is my

favourite, and only a couple of hours

away on the train, with stunning

scenery flashing by.

What would you recommend doing

or seeing there?

The towns of Stresa and Verbania

are gorgeous, located on the shores of

the lake with wonderful views of the

water and surrounding mountains.

Ferries are always buzzing about on

the lake, stopping at the various towns

and villages. Visit the tiny island of

Isola Bella, with its Baroque palace

and gardens. Lake Maggiore crosses

the Swiss border, and there’s a ferry to

Locarno in southern Switzerland, but

beware, it’s very expensive there!


Jacks Cross


Maintenance Programs Engineer

As a child, you wanted to be…?

A private detective – still do! I think

I could be quite successful at it. Or a

hotel chambermaid (can’t think why, I

hate making the bed at home).

What’s one thing people are most

surprised to discover about you?

I’m a Birmingham City Football Club

supporter and enjoy going to matches.

I also love old black-and-white

movies, especially Second World War


What’s your guilty pleasure?

The soaps and reality TV.

Love Island


I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here




X Factor


Britain’s Got Talent


Great British Bake Of


Dancing on Ice

– I

love them all. But I never vote for a

contestant. Actually, I don’t feel guilty

at all, but reading this now I suddenly

feel quite sheepish!