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Flight Time



Meet the Team

How long have you been working

for Flybe and what attracted you

to your role?

I’ve worked at Flybe for three years.

I grew up across three continents

and have always been interested in

travelling, so it seemed fitting to work

for an airline.

What does your day-to-day job


I book accommodation and ground

transport for all flight crew across the

Flybe network. I work 12-hour shifts

in the control room, with a pattern of

three days on and three days off.

What do you enjoy most about

your job?

It’s an exciting, busy job full of

constant change, and it makes me

feel like a vital part of the operation

to get flights running smoothly,

on time and fully crewed.

What’s the most memorable thing

that’s happened to you at work?

This winter during a heavy bout of

snow, I worked overtime to help deal

with the problems that arose. Flybe

were kind enough to accommodate

everyone trapped at the airport in a

hotel nearby. It was a nice opportunity

to get to know other airport staff,

engineers and crew, who we rarely

have the chance to interact with.

What three words would your friends

use to describe you?

Quirky. Adventurous. Happy.

What do you enjoy doing when

you’re not at work?

Ironically, my spare time is spent

travelling! I’m in Vienna right now

as I’m typing this :).

Where’s your favourite tried-and-

tested Flybe destination?

It’s hard to choose just one because

I’ve visited so many. I’d say Lyon,

Dublin, Alicante or Edinburgh. But I

keep going back to Lyon for the food,

language and new-found friends.

Where’s good to go there?

I would highly recommend the Musée

Miniature et Cinéma in the old town.

There are many historic museums

but this has really unusual film props

from a lot of popular franchises, e.g.


. The old town area is stunning

in itself, with many places to eat.

What’s the number one destination

you’d most like to visit from the Flybe

network – and why?

Bastia, on the island of Corsica,

because I’ve never been.

What’s one thing people are most

surprised to discover about you?

I have two giant African land snails

called Shelly and Schmichael.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hostels. Although I book more formal

accommodation for crew in my job,

I enjoy staying in hostels for the



Sarah Buxton


Hotel and Transport Coordinator



Musée Miniature

et Cinéma