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JULY 2018


Flight Time



ummer is here! The much-

anticipated long annual

holidays are about to start

for most of us. For anyone

who is a keen sports fan or

has an interest in the arts,

what better time for a long

weekend away.

Whatever your interest, there is something for

everyone – Wimbledon tennis, F1, golf, cricket,

sailing and international cycling to mention but

a few. Or maybe you want a last-minute escape

from the extensive coverage around the largest

football competition in the world

that finishes later this month! And

that’s not forgetting the hundreds

of music and literary festivals taking

place across the length and breadth

of the UK and mainland Europe.

We have over 500 flights day,

so wherever you want to go, there

is likely to be an airport close to you offering a

convenient Flybe flight to your destination of


You might be interested to know that between

06.30 and 21.30 each day at the height of summer,

a Flybe plane is taking off every three minutes.

Consider us your speedy alternative to grid-

locked roads, slow ferries and jam-packed trains!

We continue to focus on the efficiencies of our

operation. A key part of our business is making sure

we have the right aircraft to deliver the best possible

service, with a wide choice of flights to the right

destinations at the right times to suit your needs.

Christine Ourmières-Widener


“Consider us your

speedy alternative

to grid-locked

roads, slow ferries

and jam-packed

trains! ”



We recently finished a review of our future

fleet plans and concluded that the Bombardier

Q400 turboprop is best suited to remain as the

backbone of our fleet for the foreseeable future.

It is one of the world’s most technologically

advanced aircraft of its type, with engines

which use the same core gas turbine engine

technology as that of our regional Embraer jets.

Its performance is close to jet aircraft over the

relatively short regional sectors we operate – our

average flight time is just 60 minutes – and its

2x2 seating is particularly popular.

The ‘community-friendly’ Q400 also meets

our environmental goals, with

a minimal noise footprint and

emissions 30-40 per cent lower

than other aircraft. Just a few

months after starting our Q400

operations at Heathrow, Flybe was

named best in noise and emissions

performance in the airport’s ‘Fly

Green and Quiet’ league table.

Whether this is your first flight with us, or

you are one of our regular travellers, thank you

for choosing Flybe today.

Enjoy your flight.