For the second year running, Stream Publishing CEO Darren Styles makes leading 100 LGBT+ Executive List.

Attitude and Winq Publisher Darren Styles, Stream Publishing’s Managing Director, makes the 2017 OUTstanding Leading 100 LGBT+ Executive List, presented by the Financial Times.

Darren Styles, the Stream Publishing Managing Director and publisher of both Attitude and Winq magazines, has today been named one of 2017’s OUTstanding Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives on the annual power list presented by the Financial Times.

The magazine and online entrepreneur, who produces customer publications for CityJet, Flybe, McColl’s Retail Group, SPAR and Vauxhall, among others, acquired Attitude magazine to sit alongside Winq – the quarterly journal for gay gentlemen – just over a year ago, and sits at number 89 on a list that is topped by Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas.

Famous faces among the OUTstanding 100 include David Furnish (Rocket Entertainment Group) and Christopher Bailey (Burberry), while valued supporters of Stream Publishing titles and events present include Mark Anderson (Virgin Atlantic), Michael Salter-Church MBE (Open Reach), Steve Wardlaw (Emerald Life), Tim Millward (Extrastaff) and Daniel Winterfeldt (Reed Smith).

The full list can be found here: https://www.out-standing.org/nominations/2017-role-models/2017-leading-100-lgbt-executives/

Says Darren Styles:

“It has been an extraordinary 12 months for Stream Publishing, having absorbed the Attitude brand into our stable of titles and developed a set of market-leading events and awards that promote and celebrate diversity in every conceivable form.

“Nonetheless, when you see your name in such exalted company it’s hard not to feel a warm glow of satisfaction, and I am beyond proud and excited to be ranked among so many people for whom I have the greatest admiration.

“I couldn’t imagine creating a working environment in which any individual couldn’t be themselves, in order that they be their best selves. Part of that’s selfish, I admit, as a business owner I want the most from my people – and a team flourishes when finding fulfilment. But on a human level there’s more satisfaction still to be derived, surely, from finding space to celebrate the individual who wants to be out and proud?

“My experience, I am pleased to say, is that my customer publishing clients – airlines, car manufacturers and retailers – and those who read and support Attitude and Winq magazines wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The OUTstanding nomination in full:

Darren is an openly gay man and an employer who believes you have to lead by example. He has ensured that all interview and employee handbook materials, as well as contracts and joining details, emphasise a commitment to diversity and equality.

As a company, Stream Publishing makes a point of celebrating, exploring and enjoying all that makes people different with the same gusto as it embraces all that binds them.

Externally, Darren has created and run events that have raised nearly £350k for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. He has just reintroduced the Attitude Pride Awards on the eve of Pride in London, which both acknowledge and celebrate those who have triumphed over tragedy or excelled in the third sector. Aside from contributing nearly £10k to Pride in London this year, the resulting coverage has been seen by millions at the time of the 50th Anniversary of the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality.

Darren is a Friend of the Terrence Higgins Trust and a Purple Circle member of the Albert Kennedy Trust. He is also one of 30 Ambassadors for Downing Street’s GREAT Campaign, encouraging investment, tourism and education in the UK, promoting the ‘LOVE is GREAT’ strand.

Says CEO and founder of OUTstanding, Suki Sandhu:

“Large corporations have the power and influence to promote LGBT+ inclusion and pave the way for real societal change around the world. By recognising the impact of those who are leading the charge, the OUTstanding Leading LGBT+ & Ally Executives and LGBT+ Future Leaders Lists continue to inspire both businesses and individuals to drive LGBT+ equality forward.

“OUTstanding exists to challenge the assumption that you cannot be out and successful in business, to create role models that will inspire the next generation of business leaders and to encourage companies to use their far-reaching voices for good.”

How the OUTstanding lists are compiled:

All of the 2017 Leading role models were nominated by peers and colleagues. Nominations were then reviewed by OUTstanding’s judging panel, consisting of: Lord Browne, Partner, Riverstone Holdings LLC, and former CEO, BP; Dawn Airey, CEO, Getty Images; Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Barclays UK; Harriet Green, VP & GM of Watson Internet of Things, Commerce and Education IBM; Vicki Culpin, Director of Research, Ashridge Business School; Suki Sandhu, Founder & CEO, OUTstanding; and Josh Spero, Deputy Editor of Special Reports, Financial Times.

Each person was scored on the seniority and influence of their role, their impact on LGBT+ inclusion inside and outside the workplace and their business achievements. Everyone included in the list has given their explicit permission to be included. For the Leading LGBT+ executives and Leading ally executive lists, the nominee’s seniority and influence was taken into consideration.

They must be visibly out, or a vocal ally, actively working to create an environment where LGBT+ people can comfortably bring their best professional selves to work. It was important that people were working towards this goal over and above their day job, which made it hard for the judges to consider diversity and inclusion professionals, however deserving.