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October 2016

Welcome to the October issue. This month, we’re heading outdoors in search of wildlife, with a round-up of 10 of the best places to go wildlife-spotting around the Flybe network. There are whales and dolphins to be seen in Ireland, Red Squirrels to spot in Dorset and golden eagles and ospreys in the Cairngorms, amongst many more! We get the insider tips on Padstow, Paris and London, speak to rugby star Sam Warburton about his sport and his love of Cardiff, and take a trip to the serene Isle of Harris. In honour of Bonfire Night, we take a tour around some of the unusual bonfire societies of Sussex and also take a look at some of the upcoming festivals in Manchester. We also have ideas about how to enjoy Guernsey, a mix of restaurant, hotel, shop and bar reviews and some fascinating stories from entrepreneurs in our business section. Enjoy!

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