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APRIL 2019


Flight Time



e are delighted to now be

operating our 2019 Summer

programme, which runs through

to 26th October. As part of this,

we are celebrating the launch of two brand-

new routes to Heathrow, including four flights

per day from Newquay, and a daily service

to and from the island of Guernsey, both of

which are wonderful destinations for long

summer holidays or short breaks. Additionally,

these new routes offer lots of

opportunities for onward global

connections via Heathrow,

giving added benefit to our

business customers.

We are also close to

completing plans for our

2019/20 Winter programme,

which we will be releasing very

shortly. This will give you plenty

of time to book flights well in

advance of travel dates to take

advantage of the best possible

fares and availability.

This month, we are also marking the 40th

anniversary of our airline, from its early

beginnings as Jersey European Airways through

to becoming Flybe in 2002. This milestone will

be very fittingly celebrated in Jersey.

In what is another major milestone in our

airline’s history, I also want to update you on

the recent sale of Flybe to Connect Airways

and to reassure you that this will not make any

immediate difference to you as a passenger

travelling with us. Flybe flights will continue to

operate as normal and there will be no impact

on our published 2019 Summer schedule.

“As part of a larger

group, we will be

able to provide an

even better service

and to continue to

play a vital role

in enabling UK

connectivity with

more choice”

Welcome on board

As part of a larger group, we will be able

to provide an even better service and to

continue to play a vital role in enabling UK

regional connectivity with more choice, linking

the UK regions, the independent island states

and Ireland to Virgin Atlantic’s extensive

long-haul network through improved, almost

seamless, connectivity at both Manchester

and Heathrow airports.

We have also just implemented one of the

biggest technology initiatives in

Flybe’s history, with the move

of our online booking system to

Amadeus. This means you can

now access and book a range of

extras along with your flights

including skis, golf clubs, car

hire and insurance and we’ll

continue to keep adding more

features and benefits to it.

At the time of writing, the UK

remains in the midst of Brexit

negotiations. We maintain a

very close relationship with all

relevant authorities and there is continued

reassurance that flights between the UK and the

EU will remain uninterrupted regardless of the


Thank you for choosing to fly with us today

– we look forward to welcoming you on board

again soon.


Christine Ourmières-Widener