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Flight Time



e aim to be ‘Close to You’ in

so many ways, not only by

providing quality customer

service, especially when you

are on board, but also by offering a wide

selection of attractive destinations from 29

airports across the UK and 44 throughout

mainland Europe. This means that there will

likely be either a large hub or regional airport

close to you from where you can fly with us to

somewhere a little different.

It may be taking a flight to a

new destination to create a special

memory, revisiting a much-loved

destination or recreating happy

moments, especially important

if you’re planning something for

Valentine’s Day this year!

Amongst Flybe’s 190 routes,

there is a wealth of places to fly to

and things to do when you arrive

– and you don’t have to spend hours getting

there with Flybe, as our average flight time is

only 59 minutes. Amsterdam, Paris and Rome

are the obvious places that usually spring to our

minds, but there are hundreds of other local,

regional options that are often overlooked – the

delightful walks and hikes at our many wild and

scenic National Parks and ancient forests such

as those close to Leeds Bradford, Manchester,

Exeter and Southampton; city sunsets over

London or Edinburgh; exploring one of the

most intricate canal networks in the world in

Birmingham; or visiting one of the many famous

Christine Ourmières-Widener


“We work hard to

deliver an ever-

more consistent

travel experience

when you choose

to fly with us, and

operating flights

on time is a critical

part of this”

Welcome on board

film and TV locations such as those accessed

from Newquay and Belfast City airports. And did

you know that Glasgow is home to one of the 10

reported collections of St Valentine’s Bones? We

fly multi-frequency flights to all of these airports

from one that will, I’m sure, be ‘Close to You’!

We work hard to deliver an ever-more

consistent travel experience when you choose

to fly with us, and operating flights on time

is a critical part of this. This is why we are

proud to have once again been

named as the top UK-based

airline for punctuality during

2018. We outperformed many

major UK players for our On

Time Performance in a report

published by FlightGlobal, one

of the industry’s most com-

prehensive on-time analyses.

We also shared the top spot

for punctuality in the Short

Haul category in the ‘Best and Worst Airlines’

report, issued by the influential consumer

watchdog publication,



Thank you for choosing to fly with us today and

we hope to welcome you on board again soon.