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Ann Wallace • Editor

“You can fly on

giant herons,

perch on a huge

elephant and

ride a gigantic

funfair carousel

with giant crabs,


and other sea



f you were whisked away for a romantic weekend, where would you

want to stay? A luxury hotel by the sea? Cute cottage in the woods?

Sumptuous Gothic city confection? Or how about a converted 1956

Q4 fire truck complete with Victorian double bed? We found all these

and more for our 10 of the best feature on page 26. Check them out – they’re

bound to give you some inspiration.

You’ll find plenty more inspiration, too, in our travel features. We explore the

New Forest, just a few miles from Southampton Airport and find a magical

land of ponies, wild pigs, hiking and biking trails and delightful hotels and

pubs. We have William the Conqueror to thank for this unchanged ancient

landscape. In 1079, he named the area his Nova Foresta – new hunting

forest – and established a system to protect and manage the woodlands and

wilderness heaths which is still in place thanks to a network of guardians.

The past plays a part in our feature on Cornwall and its ancient standing

stones, too. These megalithic stones are scattered across the Cornish

countryside and represent several thousand years of history. Find out more on

page 54.

Then we come bang up to date with a visit to Nantes and its amazing

mechanical fantasies. You can fly on giant herons in La Galerie des Machines,

perch on a huge elephant and wander through the streets, and ride a gigantic

funfair carousel with giant crabs, octopuses and other sea creatures. Find out

what else the city is planning in our feature on page 48.

On the business front, we meet a couple in Devon who are running Britain’s

first zero-waste shop where all packaging is banned, find out how to switch

careers and get tips on starting a business in your 50s.

All this, and more!

Enjoy your flight – and your copy of

Flight Time


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