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Timewith theBoss

“June marks

the start of

our month-

long, on-board

collections for

our charity

partner, Cancer

Research UK”

Welcome on board.

This month sees the start of our new year-round service between Doncaster

Sheffield and Belfast City, and also more seasonal routes beginning, too.

These include Newquay from Aberdeen and Belfast, and to Brest from

Birmingham and Southampton – from where summer flights will also be

heading south to Toulon-Hyères on the beautiful Côte d’Azur.

June also marks the start of our annual dedicated month-long, on-board

collections for our charity partner, Cancer Research UK. We remain hugely

grateful to you for your generous support in boosting our own staff efforts to

help fund their life-saving research.

As a UK company, we are living through a time when a number of issues

on the political landscape are presenting some unique challenges, not the

least of which is what happens after Brexit.

For us, delivering a great customer experience is key, and borders are

immaterial to this. However, we are preparing for Brexit by identifying the

challenges and opportunities it poses to our business and ensuring we

minimise them to the point where you, the customer, feel no effect. Seventy

per cent of our route network is UK regional and these routes will not be

affected by the UK leaving the EU. For the remaining 30 per cent of routes,

where we fly into and out of the EU, we are working closely with the UK

Government to ensure the transition is seamless.

We also continue to work with various airline trade bodies to lobby and

influence the negotiations to achieve the best outcome. The clock is ticking

and what we need is a greater sense of urgency from the Government to

strike a deal with the EU on aviation.

We announced our 2018-19 winter schedule earlier this year, and you can

now book flights through to 30th March 2019! We know that many customers

like to take advantage of the lowest possible fares by booking their business

and leisure travel well in advance.

Flybe is delighted to continue to provide you with unrivalled regional

connectivity and so, wherever you are travelling today, I thank you once again

for choosing to fly with us.

Christine Ourmières-Widener