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Oz Alashe’s

CybSafe cloud-based platform helps businesses to improve their

cyber security behaviour, and reduce cyber risk

Security force

“I saw that there was a genuine gap in the market for an innovative solution to cyber security –

one that would have a real impact on how people act…”

After retiring as a lieutenant colonel from

the British Army and UK Special Forces,

Oz Alashe joined Torchlight Group, where he

helped global organisations and governments

mitigate complex cyber threats. While at

Torchlight, he noticed that companies were

facing a number of problems when it came to

cyber security and the concept of CybSafe was


“I noticed that businesses usually didn’t

have the resources to address the issue of

cyber security effectively on their own,”

he explained. “They also had no way of

understanding the risk they were carrying

in this area or knowing whether their supply

chain poses them any risks. When external

training was brought in, it was often

inadequate – it didn’t actually change the

way that the people in the businesses were

behaving. Training staff is one thing;

to have staff tangibly change their

behaviour – that’s quite another. All

these training manuals and day-long

training sessions that businesses

were inflicting on their staff were

not working. Staff were technically

trained, but they weren’t actually

acting on all that knowledge. They

still had weak passwords, clicked

on malware links, and fell for

phishing emails.

“I saw that there was a

genuine gap in the market for

an innovative solution to cyber

security – one that would have

a real impact on how people

act. With CybSafe, our vision

is to revolutionise the way the

human aspect of cyber security

is addressed. Our aim is to be the

most innovative and forward-thinking

human behaviour-focused cyber

security software company, pleasing

our customers and producing the highest-

quality software product possible!

growing pipeline and an ever-obvious need for

cyber security solutions for business.

“Having said that, CybSafe is aimed at

businesses of all sizes that realise that they

need no longer pay lip service to the ‘people

component’. It is for those that understand

that they don’t have the staff, time or expertise

to address this component effectively on

their own.

“The average cost of a data breach for

a company is purportedly now $11.7m,

according to a

Financial Times

report. When

you consider the fact that some 75 per cent of

these data breaches will be caused by a human

component, the benefits of CybSafe become

self-evident. By preventing these data breaches

from happening in the first place, companies

can prevent huge financial losses.

“We’re based in Level 39, Canary Wharf

– perhaps the largest hub of tech talent in

London, and we’ve received endorsement

from the likes of The Law Society and

GCHQ, as well as hugely-positive feedback

from all our customers. Our clients include

some of the country’s top banks and law

firms and we’re growing every month, and

we’re looking forward to continued success

in the future.

“We’re always looking to develop the

platform to make it better than offerings

from others on the market – updating

our platform to be in step with the latest

psychological theories, and updating it

to respond to the ever-changing nature

of cybercrime. We’re also continually

developing new features to improve

CybSafe as a product.

“In the longer term, we want to

be helping as many people as possible

to be more secure online. We believe

that will mean significant growth and

multi-jurisdictional engagements, but

we’re just taking it one day at a time

and giving it all we have.”

“Reactions have been very positive right

from the start, and so this has really helped

the company thrive from the get-go. Early

on, we were fortunate enough to have secured

several high-profile clients and contracts with a