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Armagh’s four-day food and drink bonanza

in September promises a real treat of

home-grown cooking talent, food, drink and


Armagh’s celebrated annual Food & Cider

Festival returns this September, promising

a grand international showcase of its

exceptional and award-winning produce,

inspiring cooking talent and thriving

hospitality scene.

From 20th to 23rd September, festival

visitors to the iconic city of Armagh and its

surrounding fruit-laden orchards can expect

to raise more than a glass to an incredible

spread of mouth-watering events.

An international extravaganza featuring

multiple can’t-miss events in venues right

across Ireland’s Orchard County, the Armagh

Food & Cider Festival is this autumn’s hottest


With events ranging from intimate dinners

in 17th-century barns to art classes under the

apple trees, there will be a culinary-themed

event for foodies, movie lovers, families

and more during this September’s festival


Famed for its spectacular food quality,

top-notch artisan ciders and an agile band

of inventive, enthusiastic chefs, this year’s

festival promises to highlight this region’s

reputation for outstanding food quality,

unique events and distinctive experiences.



Armagh prepares for a food and cider


Mixing exercise, fantastic music and

fascinating sightseeing, London Fitness Tour's

fun and friendly tours bring the capital to life

for everyone in a lively and engaging way,

from culture vultures to fitness fans looking

for an alternative to the gym.

Tourists and locals alike get the chance to

explore areas including Brixton, Shoreditch,

Isle of Dogs, Holborn, Little Venice and

Wimbledon, all the time listening to great

music inspired by and connected to the area

they're exploring.

Tours last either 45 minutes at lunchtime, or

for two to three hours at the weekends. They

are suitable for a wide range of people, proving

that fitness is for everyone: individuals,

families, corporate groups, tourists, locals,

older people, pregnant women, and mums and

babies are all catered for.

The London Fitness Tour is run by

Elisabetta Faggiana and Savio Los. Elisabetta

came up with the idea of this new concept

of cultural fitness and created the idea of a

fitness guide, combining Savio's skills and her

concept of bringing wellness and sightseeing

to the streets of London.

Savio is a personal trainer, avid music fan

and passionate traveller and photographer,

who combines his passions to bring each

tour to life. The result is an unforgettable

experience for tour-goers, who'll be having so

much fun discovering the city that they won't

even feel like they're exercising.

Elisabetta says: "I realised there was the

opportunity to create something unique

that would not only combine Savio's skills

as a personal trainer but would be a great

opportunity to find a fun and interesting way

for people to enjoy London and get fit at the

same time."

Each tour is meticulously researched and is

accompanied by a playlist, curated by Savio,

that immerses tour-goers in the atmosphere

of the area. The music plays through speakers

in Savio's backpack. As well as the five area

tours, bespoke tours are available and Savio is

researching more areas as the demand for the

tours grows.

Savio says: "I may be a personal trainer, but

I've always hated the gym. I was very unfit

before I turned my life around with exercise.

I found that exercising outside got me strong

and fit without going anywhere near a gym.

Now I've combined that with sightseeing

and my passion for music so that people can

exercise and experience London's fantastic

vibe at the same time."



Get fit, have fun and discover London on innovative new fitness and sightseeing tours