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Your chance to experience the sport of kings

Now you can enjoy a thrilling half-day polo experience in London

City, in the Olympic Games area. e tailored sessions by Polo

Experiences are perfect for non-riders, those who have never

experienced the art of polo but always wanted an introduction to

the game or, equally, for those who have had some time off from the

sport and wish to pick the mallet back up. Simply buy a voucher –

these start at £145 and are valid for 12 months – and get involved in

this very British of games.



Ever fancied owning your own French vineyard? Here’s your chance…

Exceptional 19th-century vineyard château, Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon

In the heart of the countryside, this renovated château boasts over 400 acres of land. The three-storey property

has beautiful vaulted reception rooms, a chapel dating back to the ninth century, seven acres of parkland with

magnificent trees, fountains and ponds, a swimming pool, two converted houses and various outbuildings.

The property offers a vineyard potential of nearly 185 acres, of which 156 acres is planted vines and 123

acres are classed in AOP Coteaux du Languedoc and 33 acres in Vin de Pays. There is also a well-equipped

cellar which allows the vinification, ageing and storage of the harvest under optimal conditions.

Price: €13,000,000

Small vineyard with Maison de Maître, Carcassonne area, Languedoc Roussillon

This 19th-century, seven-bed Maison de Maître, with many original features, comes with two gites, a wine

storehouse, storage rooms, a garage and outbuildings. There is also a garden house, a wine-tasting and party

room and a wine-tasting sitting room. In the grounds there are seven acres of vines producing Chardonnay and


Price: €400,000

Magnificent 18th-century vineyard châteaux, Piolenc, Vaucluse, Provence

In the heart of the Rhône valley, this 18th-century château has been newly renovated and offers a living area of

roughly 1,000 square feet spread over three levels, and includes an apartment, two dormitories and two gîtes.

The 148-acre estate has 116 acres of vineyard classed mainly as AOP Côtes du Rhône. The vineyard is

Grenache-based, and has been replanted in recent years to offer both young plantings and old, quality vines.

There’s also a winery, offices and a tasting room – perfect for receptions, seminars and training courses.

Price: €3,400,000

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Swedish business magnate

Ingvar Kamprad has been at

the helm of IKEA, one of the

world’s largest furniture stores,

for more than 70 years. With a

net worth of $48.1 billion, he’s

now one of the world’s richest

self-made billionaires.

“ e most dangerous poison

is the feeling of achievement.

e antidote is to every

evening think what can be

done better tomorrow.”

“To design a desk which

may cost $1,000 is easy for

a furniture designer, but to

design a functional and good

desk which shall cost $50 can

only be done by the very best.”

“How the hell can I ask people

who work for me to travel

cheaply if I am travelling in

luxury? It’s a question of good


“To do business with a clear

conscience is an attitude

that pays. We have to find

more time for ourselves and

to regain respect for the

environment in which we live.”