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ell, we are almost there in terms of

the start of the IATA Airline Summer

Season, which begins on the 26th of

this month. We are excited about the new season

ahead as it presents an opportunity to operate

additional, interesting scheduled routes and charter

flights as incremental activity to our core operation.

Apart from the usual network planning, it has

indeed been a fairly busy winter for us at CityJet,

as rather than hibernate, we kept ourselves extra-

busy as we successfully completed the acquisition

of Cimber, the Copenhagen-based regional airline

subsidiary of SAS. is development follows our

earlier acquisition of another SAS subsidiary, Blue

1 in late 2015. All of this means that in the past 18

months, CityJet has grown from a regional airline

with 17 aircraft of one fleet type to an operation

which now has 41 aircraft across three fleet types.

is kind of growth, of course, means a huge

number of additional passengers for us to look

after across Europe as we expand our wet-lease

operation for SAS out of our bases in Helsinki,

Stockholm and Copenhagen, continue our

wet-lease flying for Air France out of CDG and

commence our new wet-lease operation for

Brussels Airlines out of Brussels.

So while you're sitting here reading this message,

here’s an interesting thought for you to take on

board: next time you're flying on another regional

flight in Europe, you may very well be in the good

care of CityJet, even though the logo on your ticket

and on the outside of your aircraft may belong to

one or other of the prestigious airlines on whose

behalf we operate. at is what regional flying is all

about and it's why we, at CityJet, are positioning

ourselves to become the leading regional airline

in Europe. We have built up a huge amount of

experience in this business and it's centred on our

ability to deliver a safe, efficient and comfortable

operation for the benefit of our passengers. We

love to provide this service in our own colours, but

as our capability becomes more widely recognised

by leading airlines, we are very happy to deliver

the same calibre of service under their colours to

their customers, who we will always regard as ‘our’


Enjoy your flight with us today, and should

you happen to be on board one of our operated

flights for one of our wet-lease customer

airlines somewhere else in Europe, please think

about taking the trouble of dropping us a brief

communication to tell us how we did.


Executive Chairman, CityJet

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