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on’t you just love putting that challenging

month of January behind you to discover you

have actually made it to February? Well, as

a lover of summer, I know I certainly do. It may still

be quite cold, and we haven’t seen the last of the snow

flurries and freezing rain, but the evenings are getting

brighter and we know we are on our way to more

clement weather. We are certainly getting closer to

enjoying other parts of life that have been left outside of

our annual winter hibernation.

Airlines are no different from people, really. We get on

with what we have to do as our passengers still depend

on us to show up and get them to where they need to be

safely, on time and in comfort. In an airline, we have to

manage all of the challenges the seasonal weather throws

at us and we work hard to minimise the disruption this

can cause to the operation with, of course, the inevitable

potential for complicating the travel plans of our faithful

passengers. So, no doubt about it, bring on spring

and new beginnings, as we can all enjoy that sense of

liberation that comes with it.

But this spring of 2017, it is not just the change of

season that occupies our thoughts. ere is a lot of

uncertainty right now as a result of Brexit and the US

Presidential election result. e prospect of significant

political change in some states in Europe and simply not

knowing what all or any of this means for us can be a

little unsettling. ere is no shortage of speculation and

commentary vying for our attention as to what these

seismic shifts in the economic and political landscape

are going to mean for each of us as individuals and in the

collective. In reality, however, the answer for now is that

we simply do not know.

Out of this climate of uncertainty, the only certainties

that we can be sure of are those that we make happen for

ourselves. is is what I see as I observe the trends in the

travel habits of our passengers. I see people getting on

with what they can influence or control as they continue

to be ‘road warriors’ in pursuit of growing business and/

or sticking to their plans to make that short break or visit

friends and family. is is the true legacy of air travel as

we know it, because it shrinks the world and makes face-

to-face communication so affordable and so doable.

World politics will shift and change, and economic

ideologies will ebb and flow. But the one thing that truly

is constant is the need and passion for people to reach

out and meet. is is the real political movement of our

times and is what makes people of diverse cultures more

united, less divisible and less susceptible to political and

economic upsets.

I am passionate about working in this airline industry,

as I get to see the positive impact the service we provide

and our passengers buy from us has. It truly matters a

whole lot in the overall scheme of things.


Executive Chairman, CityJet

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