The client: One of Stream’s two founding clients, Vauxhall is the Luton-based arm of General Motors, and a unique-to-the-UK brand forming part of one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers. Sells well over 300,000 new cars and light commercial vehicles a year.

The brief: V Magazine is published twice annually and sent to new car and van customers for three years from the date of purchase. It’s used as a loyalty piece and a conquest tool, so must exemplify the Vauxhall brand in a warm and contemporary fashion.

The magazine: Aside from the 84-page, perfect-bound print format (in car and LCV editions), it’s also online at, with additional content and video, and in digital form to download in both mobile and tablet formats.



The result: On a cost-per-contact basis V Magazine is among Vauxhall’s most efficient marketing communications and has consistently demonstrated a significant return on investment. It has proven to change customer perception and drive re-purchase.

Winner: Customer Magazine of the Year (2015), Professional Publisher’s Association (PPA) Independent Publisher Awards




"Stream is one of our favourite agencies. They bring us solutions, are both creative and diligent, and are as keen to demonstrate value as we are to measure it. There’s science behind a well-crafted product that’s a superb distillation of our brand and its values."