The client: One of Stream’s two founding clients, Flybe is the UK’s biggest domestic airline – 48% of aircraft in UK airspace at any time are Flybe flights – and Europe’s largest regional carrier. It moves more than 700,000 passengers a month (8.5 million a year).

The brief: Flight Time magazine is published monthly and placed in every seat-back on all Flybe aircraft and routes. It’s the public face and voice of Flybe, and needs to both entertain and drive ancillary revenues through onboard catering and subsequent travel.

The magazine: Aside from up to 148 pages in a chunky perfect-bound print format, the multi-platform Flight Time is also to be found online at, and in digital form to download in both mobile and tablet formats for Apple and Android.



The result: 64% of passengers said Flight Time enhanced their view of Flybe, 52% of passengers read for 20-30 minutes, 43% purchased onboard, 23% enquired about a featured destination and 7% booked a further flight as a result of something they read.

"Stream Publishing has developed a magazine that looks stylish but accessible, with design and editorial values that mirror our brand. We have a specific product positioned between budget airlines and legacy carriers, our magazine reflects this and makes us money."